Yara Beilinson - Singer - Composser - Guitarist

Yara Beilinson is blessed with an exceptional voice which is renowned for its timbre (as confirmed by Wynton Marsalis) its wide register and its pliancy – whether she is singing a samba, a ballad, latin american folk music, a standard piece, indigenous or afro yoruba music. Yara always adds a special ‘something’ to every song. Her personal and magic touch awakens the senses and captivates her audience, both in cover versions and her own pieces.

Furthermore, Yara’s voice is like another instrument forming part of a caleidoscope of sounds, which can be heard and appreciated in colaborations such as “Cosas Mías”, “Primitivo”, “Los de Segundo” “Tambores Cantando”, “Territorio Imaginario”, “Somos todos Elefantes” “Basura de Luxo”, among others.

Yara Beilinson is currently one of the most respected Brazilan Jazz singers in Spain today. Capable of transcending musical and language frontiers, this singer, composer and guitarist plays with themes which concern everyone, such as loneliness, rootlessness, identity, hope, needs or simply the nature of being human and the nature that surrounds us. All of these emotions she has experienced at some point during her life.

Born in Brazil, raised in Argentina and having lived in Cuba and Uruguay before moving to Europe, Yara reveals through her voice the journeys she has made to get to where she is today.

Performing on stage from an early age she has forged a confident and solid stage presence, resulting from her experience in numerous festivals and theatres in Latin America and Europe.

Knowing how to unfold magic on stage, ethusing her accompanying musicians, she brings us melodies from her repertoire with absolute mastery, transmitting her exquisite sensitivity to the public.

Her first album “Presente para vocês” (Fresh Sound New Talent / Blue Moon), was born from her desire to fuse different musical styles clearly based along the lines of Brazilian Jazz, resulting in an original, fresh and elegant album, backed up by a brilliant performance.

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Yara has performed in many different venues such as:

  • Concert at Chapí Theatre (Alicante)
  • "Fête de la Musique" Festival at the Victória Hall Theatre (Geneva)
  • Concert at the Moulin en Clarens Theatre (Lausanne)
  • Latin American Educational Music Forum (Buenos Aires)
  • Borgogna's Teatre (Vercelli / Italy)
  • Festival Jazz and Bear (Barcelona)
  • International Festival "Murcia Tres Culturas" (Murica)
  • International Jazz Festival “Las Cabezas de San Juan” (Sevilla)
  • Alcudia International Jazz Festival (Mallorca)
  • Sitges International Jazz Festival (Barcelona)
  • Oviedo International Jazz Festival (Asturias)
  • Orihuela International Jazz Festival (Alicante)
  • International Jazz Festival “Jazz en Punta” (Huelva)
  • Platja d´Aro International Jazz Festival (Cataluña)
  • International Jazz Festival “Jazz Times” Caixa Tarragona Foundation (Tarragona)
  • Bueño International Jazz Festival (Alicante)
  • Cabrils International Jazz Festival (Barcelona)
  • Jazz Festival "Sólo Jazz" (Murica)
  • Girona Jazz Festival (Girona)
  • Jazz Festival “A prop Terrassa” (Barcelona)
  • Música vocal y Escénica de Cataluña Central Festival (Cataluña)
  • Jazz Festival “Café Jazz” (Barcelona)
  • La Ribera Music Festival (Barcelona)
  • Tardor Festival Ciutat Vella (Barcelona)
  • Fairtrade Foundation Festival (Barcelona)
  • Classics a la Fresca Festival (Cataluña)
  • Músiques en Xarxa Festival (Cataluña)
  • The Experimental Music Festival (Buenos Aires)
  • La Serenata Festival (Salta/Argentina)
  • Festival for the indigenous Mapuche schools (Buenos Aires)
  • Argentinian Folk Music Festival (Buenos Aires)
  • Festival of the Communities (Buenos Aires)
  • Anniversary of the Human Rights (Jujuy/Argentina)
  • Anniversary of Santa Cruz (Bolivia)
  • Concerts at "Veus en Femení" (Barcelona)
  • Concerts at "Cinema a la fresca of Montjuïc" 5th and 6th edition (Barcelona)
  • Jazz Concerts at the Espacio Cultural Caja Madrid (Barcelona)
  • World Music Concerts at the Espacio Cultural Caja Madrid (Barcelona)
  • Concerts at the Centro Cultural CAI (Zaragoza)
  • Jazz Concerts at Casinet de Hostafrancs (Barcelona)
  • Concerts of Músicas del Mundo (Castellón)
  • Concerts of “Músicas para volar” (Valls)
  • Concert at the Auditorio Baluarte Duque de Arcos (Alicante)
  • Concerts at the AGBAR Museum (Barcelona)
  • Jazz Concerts at Hivernacle (Barcelona)
  • "Nits de Música" Concerts at Oropesa de Mar (Castellón)
  • “Un Desfet de Temps” Concerts (Cadaqués)
  • "Noches de verano" concerts at Caixa Forum (Barcelona)
  • "Noches de verano" concerts at Caixa Forum (Madrid)
  • “Dijous de Jazz a Les Corts” concerts (Barcelona)
  • Concerts at the Barcelona Art Galleries Spai Mallorca (Barcelona)
  • Mercedes Sosa Tribute concert (Barcelona)
  • Concert at Sala Bikini with León Gieco (Barcelona)
  • Jazz Concerts at the European Museum of Modern Art/MEAM (Barcelona)
  • World Music Concerts at the European Museum of Modern Art/MEAM (Barcelona)
  • Concert at the National Art Museum of Catalonia (Barcelona)
  • Concert at the Textile Museum (Barcelona)
  • Concert at the Notre Dame des Graces Church (Geneva)
  • Concert at Luz y Fuerza Theatre (Buenos Aires)
  • Concert at Templum Theatre (Buenos Aires)
  • Concert at La Trastienda Theatre (Buenos Aires)
  • Concert at the General San Martín Theatre (Buenos Aires)
  • Concert at the Opera Theatre with Los Abuelos de la Nada (Buenos Aires)
  • Concert at Teatro Nacional de La Habana (Cuba)

Other performances at:

Spain: Jamboree Jazz Club, Bell Luna Jazz Club, Griffin Jazz Club, Jam Session Sabadell Jazz Club, Sunset Jazz Club, La Breguedana del Jazz, London, Domestic, Rita Blue, Little Italy, Maremagnum (Spring Concerts), Casal de Jóvenes y Adultos de Piera, El Romaní de Senmenat, Summer Concerts C.C Diagonal Mar, Anniversary C.C. Arenas de Barcelona, Club Náutico de Arenys de Mar, Fiesta Mayor de Premia del Mar, Fiesta Mayor de Martorell, Fiesta Mayor de Senmanat, Fiesta Mayor de La Ribera, Fiesta Mayor de Sant Just Desvern, Private Events, etc...

Brazil: Oja Bar, Um e Um

Cuba: La Zorra y el Cuervo Jazz Club

Argentina: University Caece Auditorium (Buenos Aires), Hard Rock Cafe, Casa de La Provincia Del Chubut, Centro Cultural De La Rivera, Notorius Jazz Club, Tobago, Museum, different private events etc...


  • Yara Beilinson "Presente pra Vocês", Barcelona

(Fresh Sound New Talent / Blue Moon).

Featured Records:

  • Toni Pagés “Com els números verds d'un rellotge digital que suren al costat del llit” (Nómada 57)
  • Daniel Cros “Aquello era entonces, esto es ahora” (Rosazul Discos)
  • Los Abuelos De La Nada "Cosas Mias" (Polygram)
  • Guillermo Cides "Primitivo" (Mundo Records)
  • Aliza Gueller y Osvaldo Aguilar "Los De Segundo" (Lúmen y Magisterio)
  • Perdidos en el Espacio (Abasto Records)
  • Marcelo García"Tambores Cantando" (Acua Records)
  • Jorge Pincheski (Polygram)
  • Eduardo Blacher y Roberto Kuczer "Huellas de Unicornio" (Independent production)
  • Ramadance Concept Etno Electronic Music (Independent production)
  • Eduardo Nasçimento "Basura de Luxo" (Independent production)
  • Jingle for TV/Radio commercial Cti Móvil, Villa Trascul (La Pirada Productions) Argentina
  • Jingle for TV/Radio commercial Fundación Par (La Pirada Producciones) Argentina
  • Jingle for TV/Radio commercial Dolce Emy Italy/Spain
  • Jingle for TV/Radio commercial Diagonal Mar Shopping Mall (Lyrics, music & voice) Spain

Teaching work:

Since 1996, Yara Beilinson works as a singing teacher and vocal coach, giving private classes and teaching at institutions like:

- Universidad Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona/Spain)
- Centre d´Estudis Musicals Alicia (Barcelona/Spain)
- Escuela de Música Jazz y Música Moderna Blue Train (Barcelona/Spain)
- Escuela de Música Fil Harmonic (Barcelona/Spain)
- Escuela Municipal de Música de La Llagosta (Barcelona/Spain)
- Centro Cultural Marcos A. Urbano (Buenos Aires/Argentina)
- Foro Latinoamericano de educación musical (Buenos Aires/Argentina)

Yaras' musical education:

Musical training at the EMPA Escuela de música popular Avellaneda (Argentina), studies of vocal techniques at ISA Instituto superior de arte de La Habana (Cuba), vocal techniques with Carmela Giuliano and Patricia Eberhardt, Bel Canto technique with José Manuel Elliot , Phono-corporal techniques with Iris Guiñazú, vocal arrangements, composition, elements of investigation, interpretation and improvisation with Pepa Vivanco (Head of department at EMPA), analysis of repertoire with María Laura Dos Santos, phoniatrics with Susana Naidich and Ana Inchausti, guitar with Chocho Ruíz, Daniel Galán and Guillermo Carrizo, harmony with Fernando Jokbe, tambúra with Roberto Kuczer, piano with Norberto Minichilo, flute with Pepa Vivanco, musical pedagogy training with Eric Giles and Pepa Vivanco, Dance Therapy with María Fux, Afro Yoruba dance at the ENA Escuela Nacional de Arte de La Habana (Cuba), Argentinian and Brazilian folk dance, modern and classical dance, corporal expression with Irene Rotemberg and Eliseo Rey, amongst others, corporal techniques with Silvia Estrín and Ariel Sicosky, theatre studies with Lito Cruz, Juan Acosta and Helena Tritek.


  • Singing at the Lucy Provedo ISA Instituto superior de arte de La Habana (Cuba)
  • Voice training with Pepa Vivanco
  • Musical pedagogy training with Pepa Vivanco
  • Dance therapy with María Fux
  • Corporal techniques with Silvia Estrín
  • Vocal techniques course (Bel Canto) with Gipsy Bonaffina
  • Theatre studies with Juan Acosta
  • Theatre studies with Lito Crúz

YARA BEILINSON, lives in Barcelona since 2001 and is one of today’s upcoming voices of popular brazilian music and brazilian jazz. A singer, songwritrer and guitar player with a unique touch and a intense career. From a young age, Yara has been working and touring extensively with her different groups.

Wynton Marsalis (musician)

“Yara Beilinson is gifted with a voice of exceptional quality”.

Guido Michelone

(Guido Michelone is music critic of “Il Manifesto”, “Jazz Convention” and “Música Jazz”. Professor of jazz history and popular music history at the Vivaldi Conservatory, Italy)

“Yara´s deep, soft and lyrical voice reflects the lively spirit of the South American continent, from the Brazilian colors to the Argentinian melancholy, all filtered by a jazzistic sensibility, also enriched by her connection to the new Spanish and European music scene. Yara is a true artist and very talented. She deserves the best.”

Carles Torras (critic of La Vanguardia)

“Yara Beilinson knew how to bewitch us with the exquisite and deep “Mas quem nao quer, nao sabe ver”, a beautiful creation of her own, that revealed her growing talent as a composer.”

Carles Cascon (critic of Diari Sabadell)

“After listening several times, I can say that the album “Presente Para Vocês” is a true delicacy, especially the jewels composed by Yara Beilinson, who with her voice makes me “lift the spirit” each time I listen to her. A wonder that I keep among my best albums.”

Chango Farías Gómez (musician)

“Without any doubt, Yara Beilinson will be one of the great voices of the country.”

Elba Picó (musician)

“Yara has a very authentic voice. Her way of singing reminds me of the great singers from the past. Go, Yara!!!”